Saturday, 11 August 2018

Pilah - part 1

After so long I'm not updating blog, so today it's the day... I'm going to share with you guys my life as a university student for one year past. Plus, all the activities, my friends and other stuff happen. Let'go !


(my classmates)

the best classmates ever thoo ..yeah only two boys. What a sad life. Beside, it was a tradition to all UiTM rasa take class picture every sem.

Me always the one yang akan hold the camera for them *sigh 

First meeting for Phoenix Club ( volley club )

Can you find me ? I was in the middle. This was PERKAD. Every sem especially for student part 1 must participate and I hate it so much but it was the memorable for me because we won 3rd place in this PERKAD. Happy girl.. I was cried. Just a bit okay.


Colour run TIMEEE !!!

Muiz and Tiqah 's birthday

We loved pizza 

Chemistry Lab

Before did experiment 

My housemates.. Oh my double chin *sigh

with housemates 


acah mode 

teman sepermainan aka Tiqah

with kak Faz

Last but not least, my favourite roti canai ever dekat Pilah street. RM 1 je tau uolls 

That's all la yang aku nak tunjuk. Actually banyak lagi gambar but line slow gila so ini je la.. Soon for sem 2 okay ...