Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Day 3 & Day 4 - Sharing


I can't make it for yesterday and today entry as well in time ... What a shame . Never mind . 
For tonight , I just want to share some tips on how to be positive .

First , surround yourself with positive people .

Why ? It's because this people will lead you to get a better life and at the same time you will be like them . For the examples : You want to be a good muslim so..you have to get closer with people yang kuat agama ..right ? Same also if you want to cover your aurah properly ..be friends with someone who cover their aurat very well and insyaallah if your niat bagus .. You can be like them . 

Second , keep smiling 😃 

Smiling is a good weapon actually . When you keep smiling , automatically your life will be better from before and brigtens up your day . But don't smiling everytime outside . Always remember ..keep smiling and don't forget Hidup Kena Chill from cupcakeAisyah

Third , block all the negativity .

Same as the first tips , block all the negativity and keep moving ... ignore what people say something shit about you . Well said move on jelah . Don't mind these people tau . 

That's all from me . I just sharing this to keep my mind also and for the good sake later . Well , keep reminding people with good knowledge and insyaallah it will help you later. Bye .

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Day 2 - Ost Korea jjangg!!!

Kalau dah minat K-pop tak sah la kan kalau tak layan K-drama . Aku suka tengok cerita korea ni sebab jaan cerita best and aku jenis tengok pelakon jugak . Yang hensem and aku minat memang layan habis . Btw , special cerita korea ni mesti setiap cerita ada ost sendiri . Itu yang best sebab lagu-lagu memang berkait dengan cerita . Memang ngam la .Tengah layan habis cerita pastu keluar lagu best pulak en..lagilah menghayatinya .... Okayla meh aku nak share sikit fav ost aku ...Tak banyak pon ...Yang pasti setiap hari dengar memang tak jemu ..Aku share ni berdasarkan  cerita yang lama and tak terlalu lama .. Jangan risau baca kat bawah nanti search kat Youtube eh .

Top 10 ost 


1) Beautiful - Crush
2) Stay with me - Chanyeol , Punch
3) I will go to you like first snow - Ailee


1) Say yes - Punch , Loco
2) All with you - Taeyeon 
3) Can you hear my heart - Epik High feat Lee Hi 
4) Will be back - Im Sun Hae


1) Everything - Gummy 
2) Everytime - Chen , Punch

SCHOOL 2015 

1) Reset - JK

That's all .. Ada banyak lagi sebenarnya tapi yang ni paling best and aku selalu ulang dengar . Kalau korang ada fav yang lain list kat bawah . Share la sikit kot-kot aku terminat jugak ke .. Okay